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Woodcrafters Jewelry Boxes
Woodcrafters Jewelry Boxes are made from walnut, cherry, and quarter sawn white oak. Other species are available by special order. Approximate size for the outside of the box is 17" long 10" wide and 5 5/8" deep.

The carcass of the box is lock corner construction. The frame and panel construction of the top and bottom are either mortise tenon joints, or mitered with a spline joint (click on links to see examples.) In either case, the panel floats in the frame to help alleviate stresses which could cause defects in the wood. The interior of the box consists of a divided bottom tray and two smaller sliding top trays, which allows access to any compatment, without removing the top two trays. All hardware is solid brass!

During the finishing process, Woodcrafters strives to bring out the natural beauty of the wood, while making sure it is well protected to preserve the natural look for years to come. As much as half the time devoted to making these boxes involves sanding (much by hand), staining, sealing, and final finishing. Wood, especially if exposed to sunight, has a tendency to change color over time. Cherry is noted for this and will noticeably darken as years pass. To see examples of these jewelry boxes, please follow the links below or visit our online store.

Solid Cherry and Walnut 3-drawer Jewelry Box with raised panel back. Outside dimensions are 18" X 10 1/2" X 7". Inside drawer dimensions 15" X 8" X 1". Lock corner drawers with divided storage. Made in Michigan USA, like all our fine products.

Slide show of Jewelry boxes
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